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Logical AI Preamble Empty Logical AI Preamble

Post by Admin on Sat Apr 12, 2008 2:40 am

Logical AI is a state of the art dynamic botting platform designed with simplicity in mind. The goal is to allow people with little or no coding background to bot FL or NL hold'em within minutes. Most botting platforms are notoriously difficult to set up, are error prone, crash randomly, require knowledge of various coding disciplines, and fail to produce desired results for most users after months of brain racking.

Logical AI's mission is to maintain a product that relieves the end user from dealing with scraping, coding with C++, compiling DLLs from source, and all other nonsense not related to poker. This product is 100% written in AutoIt, including the dynamically loaded formula. This technology brings the end users as close as possible to coding their AI in plain English.

Some of the other key features are:
Dynamic Hand Rankings
Dynamic Opponent Ranges
Street Memory
Aggressor Tracking
Logging ability for every formula line
Crash Guard
Poker Tracker API

Poker Academy Pro is the best poker simulator available on the market today. Because we want our customers to succeed at botting, the Logical AI platform is designed around this product. While tuning your AI, you want to have access to all the features available in Poker Academy, as well as built in Logical AI features. Once you are able to achieve success against University of Alberta's best bots, you will be ready for a real life botting challenge. Your developed formula can be transfered to any* major Poker Tracker supported site without any modification, and will support 4 table play.

This product is written by a poker player for other poker players. All aspects of the initial setup are covered in our 30 minute trainer video available here. You can go from zero to botting NL cash games in about that time, and you can take that to the bank!

*some limitations apply

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